Establish a SEE Program

Establishing a customized SEE program for your school, group or organization is a great way to incorporate respect, civility, courtesy and sensibility into the community’s values.

Call Us.

Please call our office at 303-757-5333 to begin the process of establishing a SEE program.

Email Us.

Please contact us by email at to begin the process of establishing a SEE program.

Who participates and benefits?

We currently conduct SEE social education programs for students ages 8 through 18 all across the United States. Students, their families, their school communities and society all benefit from enhanced social education.

Who develops programs and where are programs held?

SEE programs are developed by our company and have been designed for the following:
  • Public and private schools (elementary, middle and high school levels): for assemblies, after school programs, or extracurricular activities
  • Parent organized committees: parents who want a program for their children and their friends’ children, and/or their organizations
  • Youth groups and affiliations: scouts, church groups, sports teams, children’s clubs, or specialty events sponsored by parents, non-profit, or business organizations
  • Business sponsored organizations: for the youth in their communities

What is the SEE format?

SEE programming is customized based on the input and goals we receive from the sponsoring organization. Once we understand what topics the organization would like included, we will provide a comprehensive proposal which defines the program structure, length and content.

Who organizes and manages the program?

JDW Social Education Programs® organizes and manages the program in coordination with the sponsoring organization. Working with your organization, we will design the program, supply any instructional materials and present the training.

What is the cost of a SEE Program?

The fee for sponsoring a SEE program will vary based on the following criteria: (1) number of students, (2) training time allocation, (3) number of instructors, and (4) any direct expenses such as facility rental, catering, reference materials, and instructor travel.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in establishing a SEE program, please contact us at or call our office at 303-757-5333.