Terms and Conditions

We can be reached at: 303-789-1447 or email us with any concerns.

By proceeding with the registration process you agree to the following:

1. Class registration and confirmation is determined exclusively on a first-come, first-served basis. If Jon D. Williams Cotillions (hereinafter referred to as “JDWC”) determines that a class (a) has reached its maximum capacity, (b) does not meet expected boy/girl ratio requirements, or (c) does not have the required minimum number of registered students, JDWC reserves the right to place a registering student on a WAITING LIST.

2. The email you use to create your account will be the email used by us to communicate with you about class or schedule updates, class information, registration status, etc. If you do not wish to receive other marketing email from us, you may "unsubscribe," however you will still receive program-relevant communications for the class or program for which you are registering. Please note that we never rent, sell or otherwise share any of your personal information to any third parties.

3. Wait listed students are required to pay a $25.00 deposit to hold their spot on the wait list, which will be fully refundable if (a) the student is NOT placed in a class, or (b) the class is cancelled. If a wait listed student is confirmed, the $25.00 deposit will be applied to their class registration fee.

4. With the exception of the above, JDWC will not refund registration fees to students who have received confirmation for a class. An exception may be made in extraordinary circumstances as determined exclusively by JDWC. (Note: scheduling conflicts do not qualify as an extraordinary circumstance.)

5. JDWC reserves the right to change schedules and/or postpone classes for extenuating circumstances, as determined by JDWC.

6. JDWC reserves the right to use photos of your child taken at one of our programs by a professional photographer to promote our programs. Such photos may be placed on our website or in print media.

7. JDWC and our host facilities are not responsible for students before or after published class times.

8. Please note: Refreshments may be served. While it is our policy to ask that all menus be prepared without nuts, JDWC is not responsible and cannot guarantee that children with allergies will not have an allergic reaction.

9. JDWC reserves the right to excuse any student from participation in the classes, without refund, for behavioral problems (see Parent/Student Behavior Agreement below.)

10. You and your child agree to the following Code of Behavior:

I agree to have my child:

  • • Check-in upon arrival at the sign-in desk.
  • • Follow the dress code for all class sessions.
  • • Remain in the class space for the entire class unless permitted to leave by a chaperone.
  • • Behave in a respectful, appropriate manner at all times(understanding that I will be asked to pick up my child if inappropriate behavior is displayed).
  • • Not chew gum.
  • • Not bring a cell phone to class.
  • • Not bring guests unless specifically permitted to do so.
  • • Sign out with an adult if leaving early, understanding your child will not be allowed to return for that evening.
  • • Wait for parent or carpool driver in an attentive, respectful manner.

I agree to:

  • • Arrange for my child to arrive on time.
  • • Arrange for my child to be picked up promptly after class.
  • • Be responsible for any damages caused by my child.
  • • Not hold anyone else responsible for the safety of my child.
  • • Review this behavior code with my child.
  • • Promptly pick up my child if requested to do so (if inappropriate behavior is displayed.)
  • • Not photograph or videotape any classes with the exception of the Parents Night class, if my program has one.
  • • Observe any dress code of the sponsoring facility if I plan to enter the facility.