SEE – Survival Etiquette Essentials®

SEE offers customized social skills education programs to schools, groups and organizations.

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SEE - Survival Etiquette Essentials® offers customized social skills programs designed for students from elementary school through high school. The education and structure of the program is specifically and uniquely tailored for schools, organizations, groups, families or individuals. The purpose of SEE is to provide students the opportunity to develop life skills that go beyond academics into areas of character, leadership, sense and civility. SEE challenges students to recognize that social skills build character and are essential in developing positive, successful relationships – wherever they go, whatever they do, whoever they meet.

As an option – SEE offers social dance in addition to the social skills training. Dance breaks down inhibitions, teaches physical respect, develops confidence, establishes teamwork and cooperation, reinforces non-verbal and verbal communication, and teaches the students how to appropriately interact with the opposite gender in a structured and healthy environment.


“School provides intellectual intelligence - this is emotional intelligence that every teenager so desperately needs.”

Cheryl Welch, Madison Central High School PTO President

“The information SEE provides is critical for the future of Leaders Challenge students - we could not imagine our summer camp without them. Understanding etiquette is an essential element of anyone’s success and SEE presents the material in a way that this age group can relate to. I’m certain the skills they gain from this experience will be with them throughout their lives.”

Thomas Spaulding, Leader’s Challenge President

“Our classes were wonderful and the children loved it! They must have enjoyed the lesson as they remembered everything they learned and their confidence showed as they put the knowledge into practice.”

Vanessa Burnes Bienvenue, Madeline Choir School PTA Mom

“Our students enjoyed having the opportunity to learn skills that will assist them throughout their lives. They learned how to conduct themselves appropriately in many different settings. We would welcome the program back in order for our students to improve their social skills further.”

Katherine Tapia-Griego, Principal Trailblazer Elementary

“High school students have arrived, like it or not, at a time in their lives when they need to be thinking more about behaving like adults, making a good impression and interviewing for college and career. The SEE program gives them the tools to achieve success and build a wonderful life. It polishes much of the hard work their parents have done and introduces several new and important skills. The SEE program is an affordable finishing school.”

Dawn Szot, Tidewater Cotillion Chairwoman