Establish an ESP Program

Interested in bringing ESP – Executive Social Education® to your business, university, trade organization, other adult group or yourself?

Call Us.

Please call our office at 303-757-5333 to begin the process of establishing an ESP program.

Email Us.

Please contact us by email at to begin the process of establishing an ESP program.

Following an introductory discussion with you or representatives of your community, a JDW staff member will present a proposal that outlines program options and fees.

Some of problems we have helped our ESP clients with include:

  • Polishing personal presentation skills for individuals in sales and marketing careers
  • Improving the professional branding of those who deal directly with the public
  • Fostering more positive office dynamics between work teams
  • Increasing effective interpersonal skills of technical staff such as engineers and researchers
  • Elevating the positive collaboration between teams that must work cooperatively on projects
  • Refining dining etiquette and table manners for business professionals who entertain clients
  • Increasing the awareness of university athletes who represent their school both on and off the field