Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of ESP - Executive Social Presentation®?

The mission of ESP is to instruct individuals and groups on how to position themselves from a point of strength, in any business or social relationship – through social skills education.

What are the qualifications of the instructors?

ESP training is conducted by a certified staff of professional instructors, who have extensive training in business and social etiquette, protocol and social skills education. To learn more about our instructors, visit our staff page

Who is the primary audience for ESP programs?

Any individual, group, or business that wishes to establish and nurture influential relationships for business and social success can benefit from ESP training. ESP instructs individuals, college students, organizations and business professionals.

What makes ESP education different from other training programs?

ESP is a division of JDW Social Education Programs®, a nationally recognized leader in social skills education. To date we have successfully trained over 300,000 individuals, from children through adults, in our long and successful history. Everyone who participates in one of our programs is requested to evaluate the instruction. Our scores validate our standards of excellence.

How are ESP classes structured?

ESP customizes every program based exclusively on the specific objectives and expectations of our clients. ESP has designed programs that vary in length from a one-hour speaking engagement to full-day and monthly training programs.

How much does ESP training cost?

There are a multitude of factors involved in ESP pricing based on number of students, length of program, travel, support materials, and follow-up requests. Prior to submitting a cost proposal, we insist on discussing all of these considerations with the client, as well as determining the specific training objectives.

What do ESP participants receive in the training?

Our instruction is interactive using PowerPoint presentations, engaging illustrative stories and activities to reinforce the material. In addition, participants receive workbooks, reference guides, and/or training manuals based upon our client’s requirements.

Are there any follow up or measurement tools for implementing the information?

Yes. In fact ESP has designed several follow-up programs for measuring the success, either “in house”, where we provide the tools to the client, or the ESP staff will conduct the follow-up and measurement as an added service.