One of the most important subjects any student can ever take, at any age level...


NCSE – the National Center for Social Education® is a division of JDW Social Education Programs®, an organization that has successfully instructed over 300,000 students nationwide in the art, techniques, and benefits of social skills education. The Company offers training for children at primary and middle school levels, high school students, college students, and at business and at corporate levels. NCSE offers certification in each of these levels.

NCSE offers certification in social skills education to entrepreneurs and others who wish to offer this type of training to others, such as--

  • Individuals who wish to become consultants and instruct social skills education classes
  • School teachers who wish to instruct classes in social skills education in schools, for after-school extracurricular activities, or on a private individual or group consulting basis
  • Corporate training personnel for businesses that wish to instruct social skills education internally for the benefit of other employees, or for the benefit of customer relations and sales

More than any time in history, people are recognizing the importance of socials skills to everyone’s education and position. Social skills training provides participants with life skills that go beyond academics into areas of character, leadership, sense and civility.

Having good social skills is no longer a luxury in today’s world. It is a necessity that influences one’s success or failure in effectively navigating interpersonal relationships – at any age and in any situation. Social skills can either position an individual from a point of strength or weakness; either open or close doors of opportunity. In essence our social skills are a reflection of our character, a demonstration of our education, and give us the ability to distinguish ourselves, motivate and influence others – from a point of knowledge and goodwill.