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Winter 2016 iPad Winner!

Jon D. Williams Cotillions is pleased to announce our Winter 2016 iPad winner.  Congratulations to 8th grader Analise Strevett of our Broadmoor Cotillion!

Chaperone Guidelines and Responsibilities


We appreciate all the parents who indicated an interest to chaperone and will do our best to schedule as many as possible.
Parents that are not chaperoning are welcome to observe classes (please respect the dress code of the facility).

DRESS CODE - follow the general guidelines for our students

  • Ladies should wear an appropriate suit, dress or skirt (gloves not required)
  • Gentlemen should wear a coat and tie with dress slacks
  • Theme Parties – you may follow the dress code or dress for the theme

ARRIVAL TIME – arrive 20 minutes before class begins

  • Check-in with the instructor
  • Assist with supervision of arriving and departing students

GREETING THE STUDENTS – students entering class will go through a receiving line

  • If couples are chaperoning - gentlemen should have the ladies stand to their right
  • Student introductions should include: first and last name, a firm handshake, good eye contact and a gesture of respect
  • Introduce yourself as Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., etc. to the students.

DURING CLASS – you may be seated

  • Count the students in the class to determine the number of girls and boys
  • If you notice any disruptive or inappropriate behavior, please notify the instructor
  • Only one student at a time may use the restroom. If you notice a group leaving together ask them to wait and/or return to class
  • Please help us enforce our policy prohibiting video and photography during class (with the exception of the Final Party)
  • Please respect our no alcohol policy and refrain from chewing gum

REFRESHMENTS (if served) – approximately 30 minutes after class begins

  • Prepare the refreshments (filling glasses ½ to ¾ full is about right)
  • Please remain standing behind the table:
  • Students are instructed to thank you
  • Chaperones are formally introduced once all the students are seated

LEAVING CLASS – stay until ALL students are picked up

  • Students will form lines and say goodnight to the chaperones; handshakes are not necessary.
  • Supervise the departure of the students at the designated exit
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves properly outside class; no running or conduct that will disturb others using the facility. Gentlemen may not remove coat or tie
  • Again, it is very important that our chaperones stay until all students are picked up

If you cannot attend your scheduled time, please notify your Cotillion Chaperone Coordinator to cancel.
We hope you enjoy the evening. Thank you!



Following are ideas for costumes for our theme parties. We encourage you to be creative and use your imagination. Please do not go to any great expense!

Note that although you are in costume for Theme Night, your instructors respectfully request that you act like ladies and gentlemen. Our rules for arriving and departing, introductions to chaperones, taking partners and serving refreshments do not change.


Please no gum, candy cigarettes, cargo or low-rise jeans and no regular casual clothes. 

Poodle skirt Letter jacket 
Capris White or blue button-down shirt
Plain white blouse White T-shirt (no wording)
Bobby socks Rolled-up jeans
Saddle shoes or Keds Greased hair
Cat-eye glasses Cardigan sweater
Chiffon scarf Leather jacket
Ring on a chain Penny loafers
Pony tail High-top sneakers (Vans)
Rolled-up jeans  Sunglasses*  *Note:  Many cotillions do not allow sunglasses; please ask your instructor.










Please no candy cigars or cigarettes and no gum.  No cut-off jean shorts.  No props such as holsters, toy guns, ropes, etc.

Jeans Jeans
Denim skirt (no more than 3" above knee) Chaps
Denim jacket Sheriff badge
Denim blouse Vest
Bandana Cowboy hat
Cowgirl boots Cowboy boots
Straw hat Collar tips
Oversized belt Bandana
Broom skirt Big belt buckle
Pearl button up shirt Bolo tie
Plaid shirt Western shirt












This theme celebrates the many customs and cultures that influence not only our social customs in the United States, but the multi-cultural dances presented in the programs. Embracing cultural diversity allows us to understand, appreciate and respect that our world is made up of many cultural differences including, but not limited to: ethnicity, customs, languages, beliefs, traditions, laws, religions, social etiquette, food and clothing.

Today there are 195 Sovereign Nations or Independent States in the world. Each Nation is unique and special, and our Around the World theme parties celebrate these cultural differences. We encourage you to choose a country that speaks to you and create a dress theme that represents that nation. Please do not go to great expense – use your imagination!

The party will include dances from different countries, contests, prizes, and exercises on social etiquette customs and differences from some of the nations represented.


Flapper dress Knickers
Long pearls Argyle socks
Feather boa Fedora
Sequined headband Suspenders
  Zoot suits