In a world where kindness, courtesy and respect are often overlooked, JDW Cotillions is recognized as an authority in educating young people in the art of social skills and social dance training.

About Cotillion

In today's competitive society, those with well-developed social skills have a tangible advantage in virtually every aspect of their lives. These skills empower individuals to feel comfortable with themselves and others, to communicate more effectively, and to set a leadership example in school, work opportunities, or in any social situation, promoting personal growth, confidence and character.

While academics are essential to everyone’s future, similar studies conducted by Harvard University, Stanford Research Institute and The Carnegie Foundation indicate that over 85% of one’s career success is directly connected to one’s social skills.

All of our students are taught social dances which aids the instruction and reinforces the social skills education that we pride ourselves on.

Dance breaks down inhibitions, teaches physical respect, develops confidence, establishes teamwork and cooperation, reinforces non-verbal and verbal communication, and teaches the students how to appropriately interact with the opposite gender in a structured and healthy environment.

JDW classes are directed by an exceptional staff of instructors, who not only teach at primary and secondary school levels – but also at university, business and corporate levels. Their objective is to contribute to their students' characters by building a foundation of social awareness for future relationships and lifetime success.

How you act is not only a reflection of your character;

it is also a demonstration of your education.

Of JDW Cotillion students:
  • 96% believe that the JDW Cotillion has helped prepare them for their future.
  • 95% believe the program gave them more confidence in social and unfamiliar situations.
  • 93% believe the JDW Cotillion helped them learn to treat others with more respect.
  • 88% believe that dance has taught them more about cooperation and teamwork.
  • 98% say Cotillion taught them how to make a positive first impression.
  • 97% believe that Cotillion increased their awareness of dining etiquette and table manners.
Of JDW Cotillion parents:
  • 99% believe Cotillion has helped their children gain a better understanding of manners and social etiquette.
  • 98% believe the skills learned in Cotillion will have a positive impact on their child’s future social relationships and career.
  • 97% say their children enjoyed the JDW Cotillion experience, and that they learned important social skills.
  • 96% believe Cotillion has strengthened their child’s confidence in social and unfamiliar situations.

Results taken from 2012-2013 national JDW Cotillion surveys.