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Social Skills Education

Social skills education is more important today than ever. How to navigate and succeed in face to face communication is a challenge whether you are two feet, six feet, or a thousand miles apart in a virtual interaction.

From the same company that has educated over 400,000 students in social skills, is nationally recognized for its program excellence, and an acknowledged leader in its field—JDW Social Education Programs® is pleased to introduce our virtual classes.

Social & Emotional Intelligence

Social & Emotional Intelligence is inarguably the most important component to success in life. We will continue providing timely and relevant support to help your children navigate modern day challenges while staying true to the values we have always adhered to…treating our fellow humans with kindness, dignity and respect.

With research consistently showing that happiness in life is inextricably linked to having strong social connections and contributing to something greater than oneself— seventy years later, our founding mission remains— guiding your children in learning the skills they need to build strong social ties: compassion, empathy, how to read people’s emotions, gratitude, generosity and giving.

In partnership as we step into this new world together…

Age Applicable Curriculum

JDWV offers 4 age applicable social skills classes designed to give its students the necessary tools to successfully develop, enhance, and maximize positive relationships.

Group & Private Training

JDWV classes are conducted for groups (schools, churches, or associations), or a one-on-one basis. All classes are progressive.

Interactive Learning

JDWV classes are interactive. Students receive worksheets to participate with instructor activities and exercises.

Full Course or Single Subject

JDWV offers students complete courses comprised of multiple sessions, or single subjects comprised of one session — within the specific levels.

Instructor Support

JDWV instructors are available for follow-up questions, further discussion, or additional help on a reasonable basis.

Security & Compliance

JDWV is a secure and safe internet exchange that is FERPA /HIPA compliant and provides 256-bit AES encryption.



Level I is designed to introduce our youngest students to social skills fundamentals. Developing and practicing good manners, at this influential age will benefit these young students throughout their lives.

30 minute classes are available on the following subjects:
  • Introduction to Social Skills
  • Kindness, Courtesy & Consideration
  • Listening & Talking
  • Basic Table Manners & Etiquette
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4th & 5th GRADES

Level II instructs students on how social skills affect all of their relationships, position them from a point of strength, and are the foundation of leadership.

30 minute classes are available on the following subjects:
  • Self-confidence Through Social Skills
  • Respect, Courtesy & Compassion
  • Communication to Build Confidence
  • Leadership Skills
  • Dining Etiquette & Table Manners 1
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Level III is designed to help students establish and build healthy relationships based on their behavior and conduct. Understanding, appreciating and showing empathy toward others are essential elements for realizing success in any relationship.

30 minute classes are available on the following subjects:
  • First Impressions Which Last A Lifetime
  • The Power of Empathy
  • Communication II - Non-Verbal, Verbal & Hi-Tech
  • Social Responsibility & Codes of Conduct
  • Social Skills Wisdom on Peer Pressure
  • Dining Etiquette & Table Manners II
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These advanced classes are designed to help our older students recognize the significance of social intelligence, build positive relationships, define character and face personal challenges. The education will play an important role in opening doors of opportunity in high school, college, and beyond.

45 minute classes are available on the following subjects:
  • Personal Branding - Building & Nurturing Relationships
  • Communication III - Non-Verbal, Verbal & Hi-Tech
  • Defining Character Through Social Intelligence
  • Empathy, Adversity & Resiliency
  • Interview Fundamentals for Job, College & Future Career
  • Advanced Dining Etiquette - Home, Guest & Restaurant
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  • Training

    Classes are directed by an exceptional staff of JDWSEP Certified Instructors who conduct classes for thousands of elementary, middle, and high school students, in addition to college students and business professionals, across the nation. Staff Bios.

  • Follow-Up

    JDW Virtual instructors are available to answer follow-up questions from students through email or Zoom at no charge. Zoom will require a preapproved appointment by email, and be based on a ‘reasonable’ time limitation determined by the Instructor.

  • Virtual Maximization

    JDW Virtual offers students the ability to explore and learn from different media formats to entertain and enrich the education experience. Including animation, film, powerpoints, and interactive activities.


Price per subject for 30 - 40 minute class.

Private Lesson

One-on-one live-hosted lessons

$75 per participant

Group Lesson

Live-hosted lessons with multiple participants

$50 per participant


Price per subject for 45 - 50 minute class.

Private Lesson

One-on-one live-hosted lessons

$95 per participant

Group Lesson

Live-hosted lessons with multiple participants

$75 per participant


Multiple subjects purchased together.

Bundles of classes are available for a discounted price.

Please contact our office for more information.

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